Papers and Reports

Respiratory of the peer-reviewed papers in substantive areas: HIV/AIDS, NCDs, under-5 mortality, water and alcohol and drug abuse. We have also published on methods to extend cause of death registration and on community-based research methods, and on health systems and policy engagement. 

Methods and Tools

We have developed a suite of methods for community-based and health systems engagement

Media & Engagement

We regularly connect with public engagement groups, research and technical agencies in Universities, government and civil society sectors. 

Postgraduate Research

We work closely in postgraduate teaching and research. Since 2013/14 we have hosted students from India, Nigeria, Ghana, UK, Germany and Norway. We also continue to work with many of our graduates as they extend their professional roles, often in connected research and practice settings.


The participatory action research (PAR) element of the programme includes the collection and analysis of visual data with village partners. In this gallery we have arranged the visual data by topic and to illustrate elements of the PAR processes that are employed.